Fuerteventura holds many more beauties to its island than just paradise beaches and all year round sunshine, it is also rich in agricultural, livestock and artisan traditions, that we can appreciate thanks to its museums and historical representations throughout the island. Notably, it is not only via the museums and art gallery exhibitions, we can also view it all around across the landscapes, the art is visible in the construction of the buildings themselves. Restored constructions such as wind mills, lighthouses, manor and countryside houses. Places of cultural interest and modern art sites can also be visited, such as Juan Ismael or La Casa de Los Coroneles, here you will find various itinerary exhibitions and local production methods and displays.

Eco Museum La Alcogida


museo-la-alcogidaEthnographic museum located right in the heart of local traditional houses, leading us through to understand what it was like to live on the island in the past, as well as giving us an insight on the agricultural, livestock and artisan labouring methods.

ctra. FV-207 km 000, 35600 Puerto del Rosario
0034 928 175 434

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Archeological Museum of Betancuria


Ethnographic Museum displaying archeology and paleontology studies that follow the history’s course on the island since ancient history. The museum displays one of the best collections of archeological masterpieces from the mahos (pre-hispanic indigenous), its visitors will widen their knowledge and insight about this culture.

c/ Roberto Roldán, 35631 Betancuria
0034 928 878 241
Tue to Sat from 10:00 to 18:00 h.

Interpretation Center Poblado de la Atalayita


Interpretation and reconstruction of pre-hispanic indigenous settlement in the Protected Landscape of Malpais Grande.

ctra. FV-420 Los Pozos, 35630 Antigua
0034 928 858 998

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm


House Museum of Unamuno


Hotel where writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno lodged during his exile on the island in 1924. The house reflects the type of lifestyle adapted by its locals at the beginning of the 20th Century.

C/ Virgen del Rosario 11, 35600 Puerto Del Rosario
0034 928 862 376

Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm

Lighthouse of la Punta de Jandía

Lighthouse belonging to the mid 19th century with an exhibition about the bottom of ocean surrounding that area and the cetaceans that live in it: ziphii, sperm whales and pilot whales.

Punta de Jandía, 35628 Puertito de la Cruz
0034 928 858 998

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Interpretation Center Los Molinos

molino-de-antiguaMolino y casa tradicional majorera donde se muestra la historia y métodos de molienda empleados en la isla en el pasado.

c/ de la Cruz s/n, 35638 Tiscamanita
0034 928 164 275

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Grain museum La Cilla


Ancient restored barn representing the agricultural history on local cereals and the methods used in accordance to the island’s geographical position, also serving as the main economical business until not so long ago.

c/ de la Orilla s/n, 35640 La Oliva
0034 928 868 729

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Interpretation Center Cueva del Llano


A considerably well sized volcanic pipeline of lava containing centuries worth of all types of materials and human fossils that have helped create a precise chronology on the climate of the island during this period. It is also known to be the habitat of an arthropod species that only belong to this area.

c/ Llano de la Cueva s/n, 35640 Villaverde
0034 928 175 928

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

House Museum Doctor Mena


Doctor Mena and Mesa is the property of the son of a local intellectual: Doctor Tomás Mena and Mesa. It is a traditional family house belonging to the late 19th century and mid 20th century.

ctra. FV-20, 35600 La Ampuyenta
0034 928 858 998

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Molino de Antigua


Restored traditional bakery and windmill together with the itinerary exhibition lounge and local artisan center displaying their work on lace knitting, basket making, carpentry and stone work

ctra. FV-20, 35630 Antigua
0034 928 878 041

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Mirador de Morro Velosa


The last building designed by the architect César Manrique located at the peak of the Tegú Mountain (669mt.), here you can enjoy the most beautiful sceneries of the center part of the island’s landscapes.

ctra. FV-30, 35637 Betancuria
0034 928 176 586

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Salt Museum


Ancient salt mine restored at the beginning of the 20th century, where we can see how to obtain salt from the salt mine production house itself. In the exhibition room you can follow a detailed tour on the history of salt, its importance and use.

ctra. FV-2, 35630 Salinas del Carmen
0034 928 174 926

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Traditional Fishing Museum


In the ancient restored lighthouse building named El Tostón (El Cotillo) there are examples of many traditional fishing arts that the island has been adapting throughout its course of history, as well as the types of fish species found and carpentry work related to the coast of the island.

Camino de la Punta del Tostón, 35650 El Cotillo
0034 928 858 998

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm


La Entallada Lighthouse


Beacon named La Entallada, it is a lighthouse located on the east coast of the island, it is in fact very near to Africa and the last construction to be built in Spain with living amenities included. Inside there is an exhibition about the history of maritime signposting.

Camino de la Entallada, 35628 Las Playitas
0034 928 858 998

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm


House of Los Coroneles


House of Lords belonging to the governors of the island until the 19th century. Exhibiting the history of its construction and its inhabitants. There are three different art exhibition rooms with reference to the visual arts in the Canaries.

c/ de los Coroneles 26, 35640 La Oliva
0034 928 858 998

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm


Art Center Juan Ismael


Local modern arts and cultural center: exhibitions, seminars, workshops and documentary center. Fixed lineup of exhibitions.

c/ Almirante Lallermand 30, 35600 Puerto del Rosario
0034 928 859 750

Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 17:00 a 21:00 h.

Canarian Art Center Casa Mané


Art gallery displaying its own collections and organized temporary exhibitions on visual arts created by Canarian artists.

c/ Salvador Manrique de Lara s/n , 35640 La Oliva
0034 928 868 233

Mondays to Saturdays from 10:30 am to 6pm